7 Tips for a Successful Sit

Dress Appropriately
It is good to be comfortable, but make sure you look representable and neat!

Punctuality is Important!
It is always good to target getting to the sit at least 5-10 minutes early. Families will really appreciate you being on time as they are usually on tight schedules. This also allows some time for both you and the family to go over any special directions, rules, etc. before they leave.

Surprises Win You Points!
Children love surprises – you can quickly become the favorite babysitter by showing up with something as simple as a sticker, or something to color that you printed out online. This shows that you care about the children, and will go a long way with your relationship with them. The children will start asking for you every time their parents need to get a sitter!

Keep things tidy.
Always try to keep the house as tidy as it was when you got there – parent’s never like to come home to a house that looks like a disaster. If the house was in complete disarray when you got there, it isn’t your responsibility to clean everything up, but always try to go out of your way to put things away.

Keep Parents Updated
Don’t feel like you are intruding on the family’s night by shooting them some updates on how the kids are doing – this will actually really make them happy. Let them know when they have eaten, gone to bed, or just something as simple as what they are doing at the moment. Take a picture of the kids enjoying themselves and text it to mom!

Take notes if necessary
Don’t be afraid to bring a little notebook on your sits so you can jot down any specific directions from the parents such as dietary restrictions, medications, snacks, beditimes, etc. Sometimes you will be given a lot of things to remember right when you get to the house, this is an easy way to have all of your bases covered. You can also use it to write down anything that the kids said or did that you may want to report to the parents.

Activities are key
It is a great idea to have a bunch of fun activities planned, board games, DVDs, coloring, etc. – it will keep the kids, and you entertained, and will keep the families asking for you first the next time they need a sitter.

About ZipSit
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