Simplify sitting. Simplify your life.

Find. Favorite. Connect.

Discover trusted ZipSitters, message them, and add them to your favorites. Connect with friends on the app and favorite their trusted ZipSitters!

Book through the app.

Submit your sit request to all, some, or just one of your favorites – it’s up to you. Whoever accepts your sit request first gets the sit.

You choose the hourly rate.

No more ATMs, uncomfortable negotiations, or rounding up. You choose what you want to pay, and the app times the sit and pays the sitter.


ZipSit’s Four Layers of Trust

Background Checks

To accept a sit, every sitter on ZipSit has to pass a thorough background check including: sex offender registry, criminal records, and global watchlists.

Community Vetting

The easiest way to find trusted sitters is to get referrals from friends! That is why we made it easy to connect with friends and to quickly get referrals of trusted sitters.


SitScore provides you with a real-time, in-depth assessment of a ZipSitter’s experience and on the job performance. This is the most robust ratings system available in the industry.


Easily initiate interviews with any ZipSitters on the app. Schedule to meet them in person, or simply set up a voice or video call to get to know them better.

Safer & easier for everyone

ZipSit makes it easy for you to find new, trusted sitters – you control who shows up at your house to watch your kids, and you even get to choose your hourly rate. No unknown sitters. No negotiations. No service fees.

Become A ZipSitter

Be your own boss.
Make more money.
Meet new families.

With ZipSit, texts, calls, calendars, and uncomfortable negotiations are a thing of the past. Create a profile and let ZipSit handle the rest. Invite your families to use ZipSit, and introduce yourself to new families in your area for more sitting opportunities. Sitting has never been easier with the ZipSit app.

Give ZipSit A Try

The right solution for your sitting needs

No fees. No subscriptions.
Find, book & pay, all through the app.
ZipSit puts YOU in control.



Have some questions or looking for additional information?

Explore the ZipSit help community to learn more about the ZIpSit app. Curious how to add favorites, or how to connect with your friends? Get instant answers to all of your questions and learn how to get the most out of ZipSit.


Everyone loves ZipSit!

Check out what some of our real users have to say about ZipSit. See why families and sitters choose ZipSit as their go-to sitting solution!

Heather C., Parent

"ZipSit is absolutely the best babysitting app! My girls love the sitters and my husband and I trust them! We really enjoy the ease of use of the app, the rapid response time and knowing ZipSit’s sitters are the best in the business! I would highly recommend ZipSit to anybody looking for a reliable, friendly and experienced sitter!"

Kaitlyn F., ZipSitter

“The Zipsit app is so convenient and easy to use which results in a better experience for both the babysitter and the parents. It’s allowed me to meet new families in my neighborhood by introducing myself to them and expanding my babysitting jobs.”

Tia P., ZipSitter

“This app is perfect for someone like me, a college student who likes to supplement my income a little bit here and there. Plus, the more families that I’m able to meet through ZipSit, the more opportunities I have to find a job that fits with my schedule.”

Cherise, H., Parent

“ZipSit has transcended my expectations of what a childcare service should provide in regards to safety, reliability, and accountability.”

Isabella S., ZipSitter

“Zipsit is genius. It has changed the way I work in the greatest ways possible. Everything I need is right there in the app. It’s super convenient and easy to work with for both sitters and parents!”

Michelle B., Parent

“ZipSit is the perfect, modern solution for any busy family. I love that my sitter request only goes to our inner circle and that we can grow that network through the recommendations of our closest friends and family. We have had nothing but great experiences with our ZipSitters!”