The #SitSquad

Interested in spreading the ZipSit revolution? Become part of our growing and recognized brand and get rewarded!

Are you passionate about making the sitting process easier for both sitters and parents? You should join the sitting revolution and become a SitSquad member!

ZipSit is devoted to reaching our market through self-motivated SitSquad members who share our commitment to customer satisfaction and reshaping the sitting industry. SitSquad members will have the unique opportunity of promoting a new, exciting brand through the community, the Internet and their own personal networks. Becoming a SitSquad member will give you an invaluable, tangible experience to build from, and a chance to work with one of the fastest growing startups in the nation.

What will I get for being a SitSquad member?

  • Tons of ZipSit/SitSquad swag!
  • Referral and signup bonuses.
  • Recognition and promotion – we are dedicated to helping our SitSquad members shine and grow. You will often be featured on our social networks as well on our website! You will consistently have the opportunity to earn additional cash bonuses, prizes and more.

What will I be doing as a SitSquad member?

Create a buzz about ZipSit
Helping lots of your friends, family, and others in the community to start using ZipSit. You will be instrumental in the launch of ZipSit, structured with specific marketing assignments and content development both in-person and across all social media outlets.

Be an influential member of the sitting community
You will answer brand and product questions in person, and across social networks. We want you to grow the ZipSit community as well as be a positive influence by sharing our solution to the world.

Provide feedback on new products and marketing material
Nobody knows sitters and parents as well as you do! ZipSit will work directly with you to get your input of features, functionality, messaging, all before we launch them to the public.

You are:

Outgoing. You are completely comfortable speaking to just about anyone, a total people person who can communicate our message to everyone.

Motivated. You are hardworking, energetic and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Independent. You have the ability to work remotely and independently.

Passionate. You are interested in how technology is helping people’s lives, and are passionate about delivering the ZipSit message to the market.

Interested in joining, or hearing more about the #SitSquad?

Email us at [email protected]!