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ZipSit is committed to giving back to the Phoenix Community.

When you participate in the #GivingBack program, ZipSit helps your organization effortlessly raise money. You spread the word, and we spread the wealth!

Earn $$ for your organization or charity of your choice by referring ZipSit

By promoting ZipSit to your customers, members, associates, etc., you help make families and sitter’s lives easier by using ZipSit, and they receive amazing monetary rewards on their first sit.


to your organization or charity of your choice for every Family that signs up. Families receive $30 off their first sit after signing up.


to your organization or charity of your choice for every Sitter that signs up. Sitters receive a $20 bonus on their first sit after signing up.


ZipSit gives you the tools to easily find, book and pay quality, trusted sitters.

Unilke other sitting solutions, ZipSit was created to allow parents to easily find and vet sitters on their own, or connect with sitters already vetted by their friends. You ALWAYS control who shows up at your house to watch your kids – never again will you have to rely on a service where you don’t know who is showing up, or who vetted the sitters. With ZipSit, the entire sitting process is handled through the app!


Truly a win-win for everyone involved.

Enroll Your Organization

Enroll your organization and raise money by referring your members, associates, clientele or anyone affiliated with your organization to sign up for ZipSit.

Share Your Code

Distribute your referral code through your website , emails, texts, social media, etc. For every signup, your organization receives $20 (family) or $10 (sitter). ZipSit will provide you with marketing materials to promote the program.

ZipSit Gives Back!

Every month, you have the option to get paid by ZipSit, or have us pay a charity of your choice directly in your name. We also have charities that we work with if you are unsure.

Who We Work With

  • Schools: Pre-K – 12th grade
  • University & Colleges
  • Youth community groups
  • Ending children’s hunger causes
  • Libraries/Parks & Rec community centers
  • Community gardens
  • Food and sustainable agricultural groups
  • First responders

What We Can Provide

ZipSit can help you market your program in a number of ways

  • We can provide Marketing Materials (flyers, banners, brochures, etc.)
  • Events
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cross-promotion through our own marketing channels (print, digital, etc.)

Some charities that ZipSit works with in the #GivingBack Program

Sign your organization up and we will contact you!