Our main focus is providing a safe sitting experience for families and sitters by putting you in control of the whole process.


Finding trusted sitters has never been easier with ZipSit

Profiles & SitScore

View profiles of ZipSitters in your area – see their bio, skills, and their SitScore, ZipSit’s new, innovative rating system.

ZipSit Messaging

Have an open line of communication with any ZipSitter on the app. Ask questions, schedule an interview, communicate during the sit, etc.

Friend Connections.

Connect with friends on ZipSit and see all of their favorites, an easy way to find additional trusted sitters in your area.

Zipsit’s 4 layers of trust

Background Checks

To accept a sit, every sitter on ZipSit has to pass a thorough background check including: sex offender registry, criminal records, and global watchlists.

Community Vetting

The easiest way to find trusted sitters is to get referrals from friends! That is why we made it easy to connect with friends and to quickly get referrals of trusted sitters.


Easily initiate interviews with any ZipSitters on the app. Schedule to meet them in person, or simply set up a voice or video call to get to know them better.


SitScore provides you with a real-time, in-depth assessment of a ZipSitter’s experience and on the job performance. This is the most robust ratings system available in the industry.

It’s all about the SitScore

Star ratings are so yesterday – SitScore is an innovative sitter review system based on AI that gives parents a fresh, unbiased assessment of a sitter’s performance, experience, activity, and success, through ZipSit’s proprietary algorithm.

More than Stars

There are inherent flaws in the star rating system, many from the biases created from personal relationships between sitters and parents. SitScore improves on the star system, giving parents a better insight into a sitter’s past and potential future performance.

A Closer Look

ZipSitters are awarded or deducted points for their behavior, experience, and activity on ZipSit. Some of the variables we track are: punctuality, referrals, skills, repeat sits, as well as many others.


Answers to common safety questions

SitScore is a system created by ZipSit to convey an unbiased assessment of performance and experience based on prior actions, previous sits, and dozens of other data points. Scores range from 100 to 500.

ZipSit was created to provide trust and privacy for both parents and sitters! As a ZipSitter, Your first name & last initial, photo, age, proximity to family, skills, SitScore, and “About Me” profile is available to families searching for ZipSitters in their area. Your phone number are only available to families that you have accepted a sit for. Your address and date of birth are not available to anyone. For families, your Last Name, photo and bio, and proximity to the ZipSitter are the only things visible in the app. Once you submit a sit request, the ZipSitter can then see your location, Children’s names, ages, and any other additional information you included about allergies, or special needs.

Yes you can, this is actually very important so other parents can find trusted and quality sitters.

Absolutely! This is one of the cornerstones of ZipSit – we want families feeling comfortable with ZipSitters before they submit a sit request. As a parent, there are a number of tools provided by ZipSit to get to know ZipSitters:

  1. You can view profiles for each ZipSitter, check out their bio, skills, photo, experience, etc.
  2. Look at their SitScore. SitScore is a system created by ZipSit to convey an unbiased assessment of performance and experience based on prior actions, previous sits, and dozens of other data points. Scores range from 100 to 500.
  3. Send them a message through ZipSit! Have some more questions? Want to schedule an interview? You can easily message any ZipSitter on ZipSit to get to know them better.
  4. Connect with friends to see what sitters they have in their favorites. Who better to get trusted referrals from than your friends.

Find more FAQs in our Help Center.

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