6 Steps to Enhancing Your Sitter Profile

  1. Select the Perfect Profile Picture – Check out “5 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Profile Picture (click here)
  2. Write an Impressive Bio – Share your qualifications, prior experience and a little bit about yourself. Avoid simply listing adjectives and truly give a glimpse into your skills and character as a sitter. Beyond simply listing your qualifications, use your bio to convey why you love being a sitter, why you enjoy being around children, and aim to make families feel comfortable and confident requesting your care. For example, rather than saying you are a “fun and dependable sitter”, you could write that “I love seeing children respond positively to my creative and interactive babysitting style and parents can rest easy knowing I’m safety conscious and CPR certified.”
  3. List Your Skills – Choose “Skills” from the slide out menu (press the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner) to select your skills that will display as part of your profile. Check out “Certifications to Enhance Your Profile” (below) for more ways to increase your skill set.
  4. Keep It Brief and Relevant – Be detailed, yet concise in your bio and be sure to keep your skills and certifications up to date to accurately reflect your current qualifications.
  5. Set Yourself Apart – Let your personality come through in your profile and use your bio to make a positive first impression on potential families. Highlight your personal character and babysitting styles that make you more qualified among other sitters.
  6. Proofread – Be sure to review your profile carefully to avoid spelling or grammatical errors. Remember your profile is often the first impression that you have on potential families.

How to Update Your Profile in ZipSit App:

  • In the ZipSit App, choose “Your Bio” from the slide out menu (press the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner)
  • You can choose “Edit Profile” to change your profile picture & contact informaiton
  • Update your skill set under “Skills”
  • Be sure to save each section to keep your profile updated


Certifications to Enhance Your Profile

  1. First Aid – American Red Cross
  2. CPR – American Red Cross
  3. Babysitter’s Training – American Red Cross
  4. Lifeguard and Water Safety – American Red Cross
  5. Advanced Child Care Training – American Red Cross
  6. Infant Care
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