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Be your own boss

Earn more money and work when you want.

Manage all communication with your families, scheduling of your sits, and payments in the ZipSit app.

01. Create Your profile

With ZipSit, creating a profile is quick and easy. Upload a photo, write a short description, add your skills and set up payment methods. In minutes, you will be active on the ZipSit platform – you can invite families you currently sit for, or be discovered by parents in your area looking for new sitters. You have complete control over your profile – if you don’t want to be discoverable by parents in your area, you can easily set it to private.

02. Add trusted families

There has never been an easier way to build your own group of trusted families to sit for. You can easily add existing families you sit for to the app, search families in your area and send them an introduction through the app, and be discovered by new families searching for sitters in your area. The more families that have you in their favorites, the more sitting opportunities, which means the more money you can make!

03. Accept ZipSits that work for you

ZipSit enables you to completely manage the families you sit for, scheduling of your sits, communication with families, as well as payments – all from your smartphone! When you receive a sit request, you will be able to see all of the details of the sit and be able to accept it or pass with the press of a button. Sits get accepted quickly, so you want to be quick to check the details and accept!

04. Get paid digitally + effortlessly

No more uncomfortable negotiatons with parents over hourly rates, how much they owe you, or getting underpaid. With ZipSit, you will see how much you will make when you get the sit request (sometimes more if the sit goes longer than scheduled). You can configure your payment method in the app – easily have money sent to your Venmo or bank account. When the sit is completed, the money is automatically transferred directly into your account!

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