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Meet your new personal sitting assistant

A new way to find, connect, schedule and transact with sitters – all for free.

Much more than background checks

Confidently add ZipSitters to your favorites and quickly have a group of trusted sitters at your fingertips


SitScore was developed to provide parents with a real-time, in-depth assessment of a ZipSitter’s experience and on the job performance. SitScore monitors a ZipSitters actions to give parents a better insight into their experience and performance.


The easiest way to find trusted sitters is to get referrals from friends! That is why we made it easy to connect with friends in the ZipSit app, allowing you to quickly get referrals of trusted sitters. This is an easy way to quickly grow your favorites with great, trusted sitters.


Discover sitters in your area and easily communicate through the app. You can schedule to meet the ZipSitter in person, or set up a voice or video call to get to know them better. Why trust someone you don’t know to vet your sitters now that ZipSit makes it easy to do yourself?

Background Checks

We will soon provide parents with the ability to background check ZipSitters for added peace of mind. The background checks are processed by a 3rd party processor, and cover the National Sex Offender Registry and Multi-state Criminal records.

01. Build Your Favorites

Adding ZipSitters to your favorites is incredibly easy – search through ZipSitters in your area and you can either choose to add them, or you can request an interview before you add them. You can also connect with other families through ZipSit so you can see who they have favorited – a great way to add additional trusted sitters to your favorites!

02. Schedule Your ZipSit

The days of scrambling to find a babysitter are over. Easily schedule a ZipSit with a few clicks. You can submit your ZipSit to your favorite ZipSitter, multiple ZipSitters, or send it to your entire list of favorites. You are automatically notified when your ZipSit is accepted – add it to your calendar and you are done. It’s that easy!

03. Enjoy Your Time Away

All parents know the feeling—sitting at dinner, worrying if everything is going okay with your kids. Did Jenny take her bedtime medicine? Did Frankie finish his homework? ZipSit allows you to alleviate those concerns in one tap. Both you and your babysitter can connect quickly and effortlessly when you need to get in touch.

04. Effortless Transactions

Compensating a sitter can be stressful. How much should we pay? Do I round up and tip? I forgot to get cash, what now? ZipSit provides a seamless, accurate, and incredibly easy alternative. The app automatically calculates the time and pays the babysitter via your pre-selected payment method. No cash. No scrambling. No uncomfortable situations.

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