Sitters: Separate Yourself from the Rest

At some point, in some way, almost everyone has, or will become a sitter. Most think it is a really easy way to make money, but in reality, it is a lot harder than most think. Coming from a new parent, I had no idea how challenging and difficult it can be to keep children [...]

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The Role of Background Checks When Hiring a Sitter

The process of finding a trusted sitter for your child can be an exhausting and daunting process – if you have experienced the challenge of finding, interviewing and hiring the “perfect” sitter for your child, you are definitely not alone. Millions of families experience what you have gone through every day – which is the [...]

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Interview Questions to Ask Potential Sitters

Interviewing a sitter is an incredibly important and personal process – which for many, can be overwhelming. Having questions prepared in advance of the interview is ideal – being upfront and open with the sitter will make them feel more comfortable and will allow for a better interview for both of you. Taking the proper [...]

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7 Tips for a Successful Sit

Dress Appropriately It is good to be comfortable, but make sure you look representable and neat! Punctuality is Important! It is always good to target getting to the sit at least 5-10 minutes early. Families will really appreciate you being on time as they are usually on tight schedules. This also allows some time for [...]

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7 Tips for Managing Your Babysitter

Don’t assume your sitter knows everything you or your family knows. Do your children have special bedtime routines? Do they sleep with a special stuffed animal, but it was left in the play area – and they don’t talk yet? You may know exactly what your kids need, or want, and when. But if your [...]

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