ZipSit Launched App Designed to Transform the Child Care Market


 New App Makes the Sitting Process Easier for both Parents and Sitters

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (February 20, 2017) – ZipSit, a mobile app that changes the way families and sitters connect, schedule and transact with each other, launched in the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan area. The free app provides a modern solution for a quick and reliable way to find and book trusted sitters, as well as for sitters looking for an easy way to increase business and manage communication with families via their smartphones. Unlike similar services, ZipSit does not charge monthly fees or booking fees and is free to download and use. The app also includes SitScore, a brand new feature utilizing AI, which was developed to give parents an unbiased assessment of a sitter outside of traditional “star ratings.”

Not only does ZipSit allow parents to connect, schedule, and manage payment with existing and new sitters, but the app also allows sitters to expand the network of parents for whom they sit.  Parents can search trusted sitters in their area and immediately connect with them, or request an interview before adding them to their favorites. Parents can also connect with their friends through the app to see their favorite sitters.

As there are inherent flaws in the traditional rating process, including biases created due to personal relationships between sitters and parents, SitScore seeks to provide impartial consistency when evaluating a ZipSitter. SitScore awards ZipSitters for positive actions to give users a better insight into the ZipSitter’s experience and performance.

“We are thrilled to lead the mobile sitting revolution,” said Peter Helms, CEO and Founder of ZipSit. “We look forward to bringing on-demand sitting to families everywhere and making the sitting process easier from start to finish.”

ZipSit can be used anywhere in the United States, including areas that do not yet have available sitters. The app can be used to manage families’ existing sitters or connect with friends’ sitters. ZipSit is free to download and is available in the Apple App Store.


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From left: Peter Helms, Co-Founder and CEO; Josh Benveniste, Co-Founder and CMO. Photo: Adrian Baird Photography


About ZipSit

ZipSit was born from the traditional inefficiencies parents face trying to find, communicate, schedule, and pay sitters. Tired of constantly struggling with the sitting process, ZipSit decided to do something about it. ZipSit was created over two years ago, with the mission of simplifying parents and sitters lives by providing an efficient means for managing all aspects of the sitting process. Parents were looking for a quick and reliable way to book trusted sitters. Sitters were looking for an easy way to manage their communication with families from their smartphones. ZipSit created and launched its app in 2016 and have been making parents and sitters happy ever since.
Forget about contacting 5 different sitters the next time you want to go out. Uncomfortable negotiations? Never again. Last minute trips to the ATM & rounding up to pay the sitter are things of the past. The ZipSit app is the easiest way to connect, manage, schedule and pay sitters. Get trusted sitter referrals from friends with the tap of a button. Today, ZipSit leads the mobile sitting revolution, bringing on-demand sitting to families everywhere. ZipSit continues to be the highest-quality mobile sitting application available anywhere.

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