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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add one of my existing sitters to ZipSit?

On your dashboard screen, scroll down to the area that says “Add Your Sitters”, you will be able to send them an invite via text or email. Once they sign up, they will be added to your SitterCircle.

How do I connect with a friend through ZipSit so we can share our sitters with each other?

On your dashboard screen, scroll down to the area that says “Connect With Friends”, you will be able to send your friends an invite via text or email. Once they sign up, you will be connected with them & will be able to see each other’s sitters. You can then request to connect with your friend’s sitters.

What information will I be able to see about a sitter?

Their name, photo, bio, age, key skills, rating and proximity to you; when a sitter accepts your sit request, you will then be able to contact them directly.

Can I request specific sitters when I submit a sit request?

Absolutely! You can submit sit requests to a single sitter, multiple sitters, or your entire SitterCircle. Obviously, the more sitters you sent the request to, the better your chances are to have your sit accepted quickly.

Do I need to tip my sitter?

This is completely up to you. ZipSit does not facilitate tipping through the automated payment feature. But if you feel the need to make a cash tip to your sitter, feel free to do so!

Can I reimburse my sitter for expenses (e.g. dinner, ice cream, etc.)?

This has to be done outside of the app – you can leave cash for additional expenses outside of the sitters hourly sitting rate.

Can I control the hourly rate I pay sitters?

Absolutely. You can change the hourly rate in the Payment Info section of your Profile. You can also change this rate when you create a sit request.

Can I keep the sitters that I add to my app private?

Yes, as long as you don’t connect with any friends. If you connect with friends, they will be able to see your sitters and request a connection with them.

When my sitter joins ZipSit, will their information be visible to others?

This is up to the sitter. They have the ability to keep their profile private, and will only be visible by parents that they are connected to.

Does my sitter need to have the ZipSit app for me to send them a sit request?

Yes. They will need to have a profile set up on the app, and be connected with you to receive sit requests from you.

How do I find new sitters on the ZipSit app?

You can search sitters that are in your area – on your dashboard, look for the area to “Discover Sitters”. This is where you can search through sitters in your area and invite sitters to join your SitterCircle.

I just signed up, but I don’t see any sitters on my app?

It is possible that you are in an area which ZipSit doesn’t have any sitters signed up yet. The app will still work if you would like to invite your sitters to join, or if you connect with your friends to share sitters!

Can I book sitters from the website?

Unfortunately, our website doesn’t allow for booking sits.

Does ZipSit cost anything to use?

ZipSit is free to download and use. There are no setup or monthly subscription fees.

Will I be able to filter my search to only include sitters with certain experience or qualifications?

Yes, you can filter sitters by: age, experience, ratings and key skills!

How do I submit a sit request?

In your dashboard, click “Book a Sitter” and you will be taken through the booking process, where you can choose sitters from your SitterCircle, choose the date, time, duration, children, location, hourly rate, etc.

Can I send a sit request to my favorite sitter, or multiple sitters at once?

Yes – you can submit to any of the sitters in your SitterCircle, one, multiple or all!

Can I edit sit details if I need to cancel a sit or need to change times, duration, location, children, hourly rate, etc.?

Absolutely – just go to your sit schedule, find the sit in question, and you will be able to edit the details of the sit. Once you submit the edits, it will be resent to the sitter who accepted to make sure they can accommodate the change. You will be notified if they were able to accept the changes, or if they can’t accommodate, which you would then need to resubmit the sit request.

What if we are going to be out longer than the original sit was scheduled for?

Not a problem at all! We always suggest contacting your sitter if you are going to be later than planned – this can be done from the Live Sit screen in your app. The app will automatically calculate the start time and end time of your sit!

What if we come home before our sit was scheduled to end?

Not a problem! You will be charged the time for your booked sit to accommodate the sitter.

How do I pay the sitter?

Payment to your sitter is 100% automated. When you sign up, you will provide a payment method (you may have multiple debit or credit cards). When your sit is completed, the app will calculate the time and your hourly rate and will automatically charge your credit or debit card and transfer the funds to the sitter.

This app is great! There has to be a hidden cost, right?

Nope – no hidden costs or strings attached. You are only responsible for the hourly rate that you commit to pay the sitter.

What is my “SitterCircle”?

Your SitterCircle is your personal network of trusted sitters. These are made up of sitters you have personally invited as well as sitters that you have connected with through friends or that are in your area.

What if I don’t have any sitters to add, or don’t know anyone in the area, how do I get connected with sitters?

ZipSit allows you to find sitters located in your area. You can choose “Discover Sitters” to find local sitters that you can connect with. ZipSit is currently adding sitters every day all over the US, but it is possible that there are no sitters that have signed up in your area.

Can I rate and review the sitter afterwards?

Yes you can, this is actually very important so other parents can find trusted and quality sitters.

Will the sitters be able to review my family after the sit?

Yes! Sitters can rate parents after the sit, you definitely want to have a good rating so sitters will accept your connection requests!

What cities is ZipSit available in?

ZipSit can be used anywhere in the United States – there may not be sitters in your area to connect to, but you will still be able to use the app to manage your own sitters, or connect with your friends’ sitters.


How do new families find me on ZipSit?

If you know the family, they can connect with you by sending an invite through the app. Other families can connect with you if your profile is set to be publicly visible.

How do I add the families I sit for to ZipSit?

You can send an invitation to them through the app if you know their mobile number or have their email.

Do I need to have the ZipSit app to receive sit requests from families?

Yes. To make life easy for you and the families you will need to sign-up for the ZipSit app to receive sit requests. It’s super easy to sign up and free!

Can I sign up for ZipSit without being invited by a family?

Yes! Just sign up, create a profile and you will be visible to parents in your area!

What personal information of mine will people be able to see on the app?

ZipSit was created to provide trust and privacy for both parents and sitters! Your name, photo, age, proximity to family, and “About Me” profile is available to families you have in your SitterCircle and their friends, as well as other ZipSit families in your area if your profile is set to public. Your phone number and email address are only available to families that you have accepted a sit for. Your address and date of birth are not available to anyone.

How much does ZipSit cost to use?

ZipSit is free to download and use. There are no setup or monthly subscription fees.

Who sets my hourly rate – me, ZipSit or the Parent?

Parents set the hourly rate and you are free to accept or pass on a sit request. No more uncomfortable conversations with parents about hourly rates!

Does ZipSit require background checks for sitters?

No. ZipSit does not require background checks for sitters using the app.

Will I need to fill out an application or be interviewed by ZipSit?

There is no application process and ZipSit does not conduct interviews of any of the sitters found in the app.

What information will I be able to see about a parent?

Their name, photo, bio, childrens info, rating and proximity to you; when you accept a sit from a family, you will then be able to see their phone number and their address.

How does the app connect me to parents and families around me?

We believe that both parents and sitters love to meet via a trusted friend and personal connection. With the ZipSit app, you can now make these connections easily and safely! The more connections you make with friends and other sitters, the more powerful your SitterCircle will be, and the more opportunities for sit requests!

What if I don’t know any parents in my area, will ZipSit still work for me?

Yes! Your profile will show up in a parent’s search in your area even if you are not connected to them. They can then send out a connection request if they would like to add you to their SitterCircle.

If I sign in with Facebook what info about my profile will be shared and visible?

The only information that is passed to ZipSit from a Facebook signup is your name and email. When you go through the signup process, you can edit your name or email from Facebook at any time.

How do I receive sit requests from parents?

When a parent sends a sit request, the app will immediately notify you (you will receive a text and an IOS notification (if you elected to receive notifications). Through the ZipSit App you can either accept or pass. SIMPLE!

Does my app always have to be open for it to work?

No. Your app will work even when closed.

Will parents be able to call me or text me before they submit a sit request?

No. Only after you accept a sit, you and the parent can connect via text or phone.

What if I get a sit request but can’t do it – will I be committed in any way?

No. If you can’t do it, just don’t accept.

Will the parent be notified if I pass on a sit request?

The parents aren’t notified about specific sitters that pass on requests. They are only notified when nobody has accepted a sit request.

Do I have to set my availability on the app?

No. Just accept sit requests if it works for you.

Do I have to keep track of how long the sit lasts?

No. The ZipSit app will start at the scheduled time and you will end the sit when done by simply pressing a button on the live sit screen in the app. Super easy!

What if the parent cancels or changes details the sit?

You will receive a notification if details have been changed, which you can accept or cancel if it doesn’t work for you. You will also receive a notification if the parent needs to cancel the sit.

What if I need to cancel the sit?

You can cancel a sit through the app. Try not to have “last minute” cancellations as that could give you a bad review/rating.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid directly into your bank or Venmo account within 72 hours of the sit ending (often it will be much sooner).

Will the parent be rating and reviewing me after the sit?


Will I be able to review the family after the sit?



How is my data kept safe and private?

Our platform is designed to protect your personal information by applying security controls at every layer from physical to application. We are consistently deploying security updates to ensure your data is always safe and secure.

I know people who would like ZipSit – how do I refer them?

You can refer people to ZipSit via the app – there are areas to invite sitters, or invite parents to join.

If I use Facebook to sign up, what info about my profile will be shared and visible?

The only information that is passed to ZipSit from a Facebook signup is your name and email. When you go through the signup process, you can edit your name or email that was imported from Facebook at any time.

How does the app connect me with my friends so we can share sitters amongst ourselves?

Parents can connect with their friends via the app and then will have the option of connecting with the sitters your friends use. The sitter must “accept” the connection for the two parties (parent and sitter) to be connected.

How does the app connect people with sitters?

You can connect with sitters three different ways: 1. Connect with your existing sitters, 2. Connect with sitters that were shared with you by your friends, and 3. Connect with sitters that are in your area.

Does it cost me anything to sign up?

ZipSit is completely free to use.

How can I get in touch with ZipSit?

Feel free to email us at

Where can I download the app?

You can download ZipSit in the Apple App Store here.

Do the sitters on the app work for ZipSit?

The sitters on ZipSit do not work for ZipSit. They utilize ZipSit’s platform to connect with parents.

Are the sitters on ZipSit background checked?

Sitters on ZipSit are not background checked. Parents and sitters of ZipSit only connect with who they choose to. Both parents and sitters can add and delete a sitter or parent connection at any time.

If I use ZipSit, can people see my personal information?

Your personal information (phone, email, address, etc.) is not made public. If you are a sitter, and make your profile public, your name, photo, age, bio & distance from family are visible. Once a sit has been scheduled, parents and sitters can communicate through the app as well as phone & text messages.

Is there a cost to use ZipSit?

ZipSit is free to download and use. There are no setup or monthly subscription fees.

I just received a text invitation from someone asking me to download ZipSit, what is this?

ZipSit utilizes connections between people (parents to parents, and parents to sitters) to ensure you can build your SitterCircle with trusted sitters. If you are a parent, either a) one of your friends invited you to connect so each of you could share your trusted sitters with each other, or b) a sitter that you know would like you to start using the app to book sits with them. If you are a sitter, either one of the families you know would like to use the app to schedule sits, or maybe one of your friends is using it and would like you to enjoy it as well.

What does the ZipSit app do?

ZipSit is a mobile app that makes the entire sitting process so much more efficient for both parents and sitters. For parents: connecting, booking and paying with existing and new sitters has never been easier. For sitters: they can connect with parents they sit for and expand their network of parents they sit via referrals from existing relationships or from parents looking to add sitters. Ultimately this will increase the amount of sits they receive and therefore earn more money.


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