We are transforming the sitting industry with our easy to use app.

ZipSit was born because it became clear to our 3 founders that there were no efficient applications for parents to find, communicate, schedule and pay for sits. Tired of constantly struggling with the sitting process, they decided to do something about it. ZipSit was created over 2 years ago, with the mission of transforming the sitting industry by providing an efficient means for parents and sitters to work together. Parents were looking for an easy way to book trusted sitters. Sitters were looking for an easy way to manage their time and families with their smartphones. ZipSit created and launched its app in 2016 and have been making parents and sitters happy ever since.

Forget about contacting 5 different sitters the next time you want to go out. Uncomfortable negotiations? Never again. Last minute trips to the ATM & rounding up to pay the sitter are things of the past. The ZipSit app is the easiest way to connect, manage, schedule and pay sitters. Today, ZipSit leads the mobile sitting revolution it started, bringing on-demand sitting to the entire United States. We continue to be the highest-quality mobile sitting application available anywhere.