5 Parent Pet Peeves to Be Aware Of

1. Being Late – Being late makes you seem unorganized and that you don’t value the families time. Be sure to anticipate any traffic or additional stops you might need to make while determining what time you need to leave for a job!
2. Being a Couch Potato – If the weather is nice out, create a fun game outside or teach the kids some fun schoolyard classics. If the weather is not great or it’s too dark, build a couch fort and make up a play with the kids. Flex your creative muscles, the kids and parents will thank you for it!
3. Leaving a Mess – Parents are not expecting you to clean the whole house while they are gone but try your best to tidy up any messes that are made during your time there. Take a few minutes to put some toys away, straighten the couch cushions, and load up the dishwasher from any dishes leftover from your dinner.
4. Cell Phone Usage – Don’t forget, this time is special for the kids too! They have probably been looking forward to hanging out with their cool ZipSitter all week. Set your ringer to its highest setting, and then leave the phone on the counter! Once the kids go to sleep, that time is yours but try to be present while they are up.
5. Canceling at the Last Minute – We have all been there when our car won’t start or another emergency comes up. If you must cancel a job, try to do it as soon as possible. This allows the family to attempt to make alternate arrangements for the evening if time permits. If they aren’t able to make alternate arrangements, it gives them time to also cancel their plans within a reasonable amount of time.

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